Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mom vs Mom

Things have been extra busy around here and I feel that I've been struggling to keep up.  My son's soccer season just ended, we're smack in the middle of softball season and weeks full of makeup games, and we also just ended "birthday season".  I am thankful to be done with party planning and execution.  Soon school will be out, softball will be over and our summer will be slow and hot.  There is less than a week until mother's day and I didn't even realize it until today!

I realized it was just around the corner because this popped up in my facebook news feed.

I'm the first commenter in case you forgot that my real name isn't actually Hugh Jass.  The post only irked me a little bit.  The poster is an opinionated expert on everything and usually reeks of hypocrisy.  For instance, she had five baby showers, but society is too materialistic.  It was a friend of the poster that really got me aggravated.

 I understand about having a day to yourself but I don't think Mother's Day is that day. How sad that they wouldn't want to share in it with their families... and we wonder what is going wrong with people today... 

"What is going wrong with people"?  "How sad"?  We're talking about a pseudo holiday that didn't even exist until some time between 1908 and the 1920's.

What I really can't stand is that the poster and all of her righteous friends banded together to trash and place unnecessary guilt on moms who want to take their special day and just spend it with themselves.  The Poster has only been a mom for a few weeks and (I snooped a little) it appears that the friend doesn't even have a kid yet!  Maybe this is why they just can't understand how, even though you love your kids, you just want a day to float through tasks unhampered.  Maybe carry a clutch instead of the giant purse or tote that is usually required when carting your children off to their various functions.  Should employees who love their jobs not take labor day off?  Is that not quality time that should be spent with your wonderful company?

It's your day moms.  Do whatever you want!

-Hugh Jass


  1. Bravo!
    I am so sick of folks knowing what is best for everybody else. Yes, Mother's Day with kids is sweet and nice. But so is giving the mom a break.
    I have two words for those needing to spread needless guilt around: "La Leche League."
    My wife could not breast feed despite her efforts. The choice was interact with her newborn with grimaces and tears or caress and nurture the baby with a bottle. It even allowed their loving father to do the same bonding during feeding. But to share that with some folks was akin to reporting child abuse.
    My daughters seemed to have survived.

  2. Why do other people care so much about stuff that doesn't impact them? Especially if it's not hurting anyone??? I had a lot of opinions before I had kids about raising kids -- but I sure in hell wasn't spouting them off anywhere. You just don't know until you're in the situation. Enjoy your day off -- you've DEFINITELY earned it!

    PS- I feel you on the "seasons." I'm soooo ready for summer and a BREAK. Not that I have any idea what I'm going to do with my kids.

  3. Obviously that dumbass doesn't have kids. I know my wife would be satisfied with being able to have an uninterrupted bowel movement for mothers day.

  4. Oh for crying out loud. I'm a new Mom and I know for a fact that I have no idea what it's like to be in your shoes. Three children, 24 hours a day? Yep, I'd like a break from that too if I were you. Doesn't mean you love them any less.

  5. I went grocery shopping by myself. I even spent 2 whole freaking hours walking around looking at nothing. It was very nice. That was my Mother's Day present, no "materialistic" present :) and it was wonderful.