Wednesday, July 31, 2013

South Bound

I'm in Austin right now trying to find a rent house.  We decided to rent for the first year so we can get a feel for our favorite areas before we buy.  House prices are pretty good out here. .. if you're buying.  Rentals, in the other hand, are insane. They go really fast and are not cheap.  We had a two story house in a cute neighborhood, 15 minutes from uptown in Charlotte for $900. Here, we're looking at $1200+ for anything in a decent community.  Plus we have to consider schools, commuting, ect. But we think the search has finally come to an end. We have one more house to look at and then the final decision will be made.  Right now I'm leaning toward the brick house with the treed back yard, walking distance to the school with a community pool, miles of jogging path, disc golf, and a kid's bmx course.  Of course, this means I'll have to become a brick house burbinite which I am coming to terms with.

Hugh Jass


  1. Renting first is a great way to go. I wish we had rented for a year before we bought, could have saved a lot of heartache on my part.

    it may take a while for austin to feel like home, but once you get settled in you will be more comfortable there than you've been in a long time. It's a fun place, embrace the weird and enjoy it!

  2. I live near Austin! I live like 45 minutes north but I work in Austin every day :)
    What areas are you looking in?
    I have heard the rental market is crazy around here right now!
    Email me!