Sunday, August 4, 2013


We paid our hundred dollars and turned in an app for the property we liked the most.  We were told it would be about a 24 hour turnaround.  Five days later we were told we had "too many pets".  Declined.  It's really just a bullshit way of saying "we took $100 from multiple people and you weren't as desirable as the rest.  But thanks for the cash!"  We have two dogs and the property was pet friendly, starting specifically the fees for multiple pets.

I'm mad.  I'm on the verge of tears because we threw away money on false hope.  We just gave someone $100 for nothing!  Just fucking handed it over!  Nothing in return!  And this asshole landlord (remember, I've been the landlord before) wanted the entire deposite, up front, at the same time as the app fee, but we pushed back on that.  Perhaps that's why we were declined.  Or perhaps it's a good thing we didn't give them a full $1500.  How long would it have taken us to get that money back?

We rented two places in Charlotte and it was never this painful.  Brad says it's because we're in a different market.  I wonder if it isn't because, before, we were finding things on our own, on craigslist through individuals.  None of this property management crap. 

This process is just beating me down.  I need to enroll my daughter in a school.  I need to buy her supplies.  I just need to know where we're going.

- Hugh Jass

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  1. that's insane! Who charges an app fee and doesn't give it back if you're declined? Most would apply that towards the deposit, not demand it up front. Kick that guy in the nuts.