Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stretch Marks

I came across this article today on and thought it was awesome.

"No Airbrushing Allowed:  This Is What A Mother's Body Really Looks Like"

Photographer Jade Beall published an untouched, semi nude, photo of herself in true postpartum form and it was a big hit with other moms.  As it should be!

Then other moms started requesting that she take photos of them.  These photos are absolutely gorgeous.

When I'm really good shape, I think I resemble the above photo.  However, right now I am not in great shape so there is a little extra love in my handles.

I know people who are very self conscious about their post baby body.  I also know people who are afraid to have kids solely because they are afraid of what will happen to their body.

I'll admit, I was a little taken aback by my appearance after I had my first child.  Throughout my pregnancy I saw stories about celebrities who were back on the red carpet or walking the VS runway within weeks.
 Completely unrealistic for the average woman who lives in the real world and actually has to care for her newborn child in the weeks after birth.  

The crazy thing is that before I had kids I had horrible body issues.  I was never thin and never the "hot one" in my social circles.  It wasn't until after I had children (and ran my first marathon!) that I felt like a bad ass with an amazing body.  This body can do amazing things.  Do you know how many back flips in a row I can do on a trampoline?  A lot.  Do you know how many miles I can run in a row?  So far it's 26.  And next May a certain friend (eh-hem-Shanon-eh-hem) and I are planning to do a bare buns run.  Somewhere far away where it's impossible to run into anyone we know.  Let the liberation continue!  

- Hugh Jass


  1. I dont think I took any pictures of myself during or after pregnancy for awhile. (i think i took one fully clothed about 6 months?...i wish i had. After this heat wave gets out of here i will start my full force running to be ready for my BARE NAKED adventure!!!! All i keep thinking about is how to keep the floppers from flopping around. I havent even thought about the fact we will both be running in such a glorious fashion together! I have got to purchase some bad a socks to wear.

    1. I think the only reason Heather won't do it with us is because she can't wear her Tempos.

  2. it's pretty amazing how the mental aspect of "hotness" can be affected by accomplishment. I always tell people that if you want to be awesome, do epic shit. it's incredible what marathon running can do to a post-baby body, even on mere mortals.